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Cornwall Association of Local Councils

Supporting Local Councils in Cornwall

Calc Cornish Tin Mine

County Executive Officer: Sarah Mason
Unit 1, 1 Riverside House
Heron Way Newham, Truro

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    Promoting and developing the work of local councils at district, regional and national levels.

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    Advice and Information

    Keeping you up-to-date with legislation and best practise.

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    Training & Equipping

    Providing a comprehensive schedule to equip individuals and councils.

Welcome to Cornwall Association of Local Councils

The Cornwall Association of Local Councils is the membership association for parish and town councils in the Duchy. The Association offers support in all aspects of the work of local councils in Cornwall.

Kowethas Kernow Konsels Leek yw an Gowethas Eseleth rag Konsels y'n Dugeth. An Gowethas a wra profya skoodhyans yn pub enepik oll ober Konsels leek yn Kernow.

Formed by Parish Councils - Run for Parish Councils - Delivering to Parish Councils

The Cornwall Association of Local Councils is the County Association affiliated to the National Association of Local Councils (NALC), the only body in the country specialising in the work of Parish and Town Councils and Parish Meetings.

The Association is the first point of contact for member local councils in need of advice on a range of topics, ranging from legal, financial and technical to more general advice.

Latest News

Updated Transparency Fund Form

Wed, 19 Jul 2017 16:43 by Bethany Hibbs

Please check our documents pages for an updated version of the Transparency Fund application form.

Following feedback from County Associations, NALC revisited the form and have added an additional option to the form allowing applications to note that 'NO' we haven't received funding. Previously it was unclear as to how councils should communicate this on the form without just skipping the box.

Where Next for Localism?

Mon, 10 Jul 2017 15:34 by Bethany Hibbs


Local councils are taking on services to fill gaps as principal authorities cut provision, new NALC/LGC research reveals.

In our survey of local councillors and officers found just under half of respondents said their council had taken on an additional service in the past year. More »

Most said this extra service was within public realm (47%), with others stepping in to support housing and planning (18%), property management (14%) or transport (10%).

The research also revealed more local were supporting 'big ticket' services such as economic growth and regeneration (14%) and health, wellbeing and social care (10%).

NALC/LGC research forms part of our special report on local councils supported by NALC. » Less

New Legal Topic Note

New Legal Topic Note

Mon, 10 Jul 2017 14:42 by Bethany Hibbs

Legal Topic Note 54- Protections of Ownerless Land and Village Greens NOW AVAILABLE in our documents section...

Some Village Greens and common land in England and Wales have no known owners. Local Authorities (including local councils) have the power to protect such land. More »

This note will look at the relevant law, which is mainly set out in section 43 of the Commons Act 2006 and in sections 38 of the 2006 Act. » Less