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Cornwall Association of Local Councils

Supporting Local Councils in Cornwall

Calc Cornish Tin Mine

County Executive Officer: Sarah Mason
Unit 1, 1 Riverside House
Heron Way Newham, Truro

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    Promoting and developing the work of local councils at district, regional and national levels.

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    Advice and Information

    Keeping you up-to-date with legislation and best practise.

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    Training & Equipping

    Providing a comprehensive schedule to equip individuals and councils.

Welcome to Cornwall Association of Local Councils

The Cornwall Association of Local Councils is the membership association for parish and town councils in the Duchy. The Association offers support in all aspects of the work of local councils in Cornwall.

Kowethas Kernow Konsels Leek yw an Gowethas Eseleth rag Konsels y'n Dugeth. An Gowethas a wra profya skoodhyans yn pub enepik oll ober Konsels leek yn Kernow.

Formed by Parish Councils - Run for Parish Councils - Delivering to Parish Councils

The Cornwall Association of Local Councils is the County Association affiliated to the National Association of Local Councils (NALC), the only body in the country specialising in the work of Parish and Town Councils and Parish Meetings.

The Association is the first point of contact for member local councils in need of advice on a range of topics, ranging from legal, financial and technical to more general advice.

Member Services

The Association is the first point of contact for member councils in need of legal advice and support. We are able to offer guidance on all aspect of local government.

Procedural Advice: on procedural matters for member councils is normally answered by our staff in Truro although more complex or unusual queries may be referred to NALC

Financial Advice: through its links with other county associations and outside partners the Association is able to offer financial advice to parish and town councils

Training for Councillors and Clerks: as the lead body in the Cornwall County Training Partnership the Association provides training on all aspects of roles, procedures, current legislation and community planning.

Leaflets and Information: The Association and its partners publish leaflets circulars handbooks forms and notices to facilitate the day-to-day administration of local councils.

Latest News

Parkrun Consultation

Parkrun Consultation

Fri, 28 Apr 2017 11:51 by Bethany Hibbs

NALC Policy Consultation PC4-17

Parkrun organise free, weekly, 5KM runs in local parks every Saturday morning. Parkrun is free to participate in and is run by volunteers. The government believe parkrun to be an excellent example of communities organising events on a voluntary basis and enabling the public to enjoy healthy exercise. More »

Councils currently have the power to levy charges for use of recreational facilities which may include a park. NALC believes that the decision as to whether to levy such charges for use of such recreation facilities should be made by parish councils themselves, and have hence issued this policy consultation for town/parish councils to feedback to.

https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/running-free-consultation-on-preserving-thefree-use-of-public-parks .

To view the full consultation paper please visit our documents section and search our consultations/NALC section. » Less

Membership 2017-18

Membership 2017-18

Mon, 24 Apr 2017 11:37 by Bethany Hibbs

All of our existing members and non-members should now have received their membership reminders, along with invoices (sent to the clerk).

If you haven't received yours or would like any further information, please don't hesitate to contact us in the office. Many thanks, Bethany.

Legal Topic Notes - updates

Tue, 28 Mar 2017 12:08 by Chris

NALC has recently issued updated versions of 8 Legal Topic Notes:

LTN 31 – Section 137 expenditure

LTN 5 - Parish and Community Council meetings

LTN 80 - Members' Conduct and the Registration and Disclosure of their interests More »

LTN 13 - Policing in Your Area

LTN 11 - Celebrations and similar events

LTN 18 - Local Councils' Power to provide parking spaces

LTN 20 - Markets and other events

LTN 4 - Powers of community meetings in communities without community councils

Please see our Documents (LTNs) section for full details. » Less