Elections 2021

CALC are committed to supporting Town and Parish Councils in the run-up to the May 2021 Local Council elections. We are putting together some resources below that you may find useful for your Councillor recruitment campaign.

If you have materials you wish to contribute please send them to enquiries@cornwallalc.org.uk

Elections Timetable

The CALC FAQ on Elections taking place on 6 May 2021 is available to members in the documents section of the website

A Councillor... Who Me? 2021

What is a Town or Parish Council?

Standing for Election

  • Standing for Election (MS Word, 69 Kb)

    This 2 page Word document is a guide to the requirements and process of Standing for Election.

    You can edit it to insert your council's details.

Candidate Information Pack: Get Involved, make a difference.

  • Candidate Information Pack: Get Involved, make a difference (Word Document, 134 Kb)

    This 4 page Candidate Information Pack has detailed information for prospective candidates and can be edited to include your Councils details, such as training offered, the council structure and dates for the first meeting of the new council.

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