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Fighting climate change

25 May 2022 — 12.00 – 13:15
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37% of local (parish and town) councils have declared a climate emergency, with a further 8% declaring a biodiversity emergency. Local councils recognise the importance of climate change, but many feel disempowered to act. In October 2021, NALC published its Climate Change Survey Report. The results indicated that 25% of local councils believed they were too small to make a difference, and a further 20% stated they lacked the resources and power to act.

However, a recent report from New Local highlights the importance of local action in the face of national and international inaction, emphasising the need to conceive of climate change as a series of local problems rather than one single global issue. By taking on small actions, communities that work together can bring about significant change overall.

Learn more about the actions that councils can take locally to fight climate change and discover how councils are already doing this successfully.

Speakers: Chris Bagshaw, Kendal Climate Change Jury representative, Dr Amy Burnett, founder of Development in Transition and Mike Childs, head of science, policy & research at Friends of the Earth

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How to review neighbourhood planning policies

29 June 2022 — 12.00 – 13:15
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Many of the first waves of neighbourhood plans adopted by local (parish and town) councils since the Localism Act 2011 are now up for renewal and need to be reviewed and refreshed.

Over the last 18 months, research published by the University of Reading confirmed that local councils manage around 90% of neighbourhood plans. However, there are concerns that local councils are not renewing plans and councils that previously had no plans are not producing them.

Learn more about how your council can develop a neighbourhood plan from scratch and how to review and renew existing plans.

Speakers: Tony Burton, free-range consultant at Tony Burton Consulting Ltd and Francis Shaw, neighbourhood planning programme manager at Locality

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Giving local councils more of a say on housing

27 July 2022 — 12.00 – 13:15
NALC member: £30 – Non-member: £40

According to research undertaken by the National Housing Federation and the homelessness charity Crisis, 340,000 new homes a year need to be built in England until 2031 to address the current housing backlog and future demand. However, while there is a consensus on the long-term housing supply and the need to address it, there is less agreement about building the required number of homes.

So, what are the options for building more homes? How much of a say can local people have regarding the type and design of new homes? And what role can local (parish and town) councils play in facilitating different types of new housing locally?

Hear about how local councils can get involved in different models of community house building and influence the design of new homes.

Speakers: Tom Chance, chief executive at the Community Land Trust Network, Charlie Fisher, research lead at Transition by Design and Blase Lambert, chief officer at the Confederation of Co-operative Housing

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